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Are Plastic Business Cards Waterproof?

Plasticprinters Labs answers a question we get quite a bit, are plastic business cards waterproof? We think this hilarious video puts the issue to bed for good!

To show you how they stand up to a good soaking we pit a plastic business card against a paper card and put them to "the water test."

Stay tuned after the video for a hilarious outtake as well as a preview of our next episode… "The Fire Test"!

Plasticprinters Water Test Script

Tom Hello and welcome to PlasticPrinters.com Laboratories, where we show you the uses, capabilities, and benefits of plastic cards. (pauses, reading from cue card) Today we’re doing the “Water Test”. Kevin from Rhode Island wants to know, “How well do your plastic cards hold up in water compared to paper cards? Are they water-proof?”

Tom Great question, Kevin! For this experiment we’re going to need a test subject. Let’s go find one!

Tom Enjoying your break?

Luke Yes, I am. How can I help you?

Tom Glad you asked! Could you do us a favor? For science?

Luke Sure!

Tom Could you please hold this paper card and this plastic card, just like this?

Luke Like this?

Tom Perfect! Dr. Johnson, please commence the experiment.

Tom Of course, we need to do a few more experiments for an error margin!

Tom Plus, this is fun!

Tom Let’s see how well each card did in the “Water Test”!

Nate As you can see, the paper card is soaked completely, and tears easily.

Tom And the plastic card?  

Nate It’s wet, but you can wipe that right off! Even the ink isn’t running. It’s like it’s laughing in the face of the water.

Tom As you can see, the superior plastic card persevered and passed the “Water Test”! Thank you for stopping by the PlasticPrinters.com Laboratories!

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If you have a question you would like us to answer, or an idea for a future video email us at labs@plasticprinters.com

Thanks again for your interest in our products, and remember when you are ready to take the first step we are here to help and provide free samples, instant quotes, and work with you to create a plastic card solution that fits in your budget!

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