Evolis Primacy Plastic Card Printer

Finally, A Low Cost Printer That Grows With Your Plastic Printing Needs! Introducing The Evolis Primacy Card Printer

We have been selling plastic card printers now since the early 1990’s. The convenience they offer is unprecedented but they haven’t been without their problems. High costs per card, frequent jamming, and a frustrating user interface were just par for the course. Thankfully, all that has changed with our new Primacy Plastic Card Printer! Interested in the possibility of printing your own plastic cards? Read on!

How Does The Primacy Printer Compare To The Competition?

There are a lot of card printers on the market today and this is where the Primacy printer really shines.
  • It Is 65% Cheaper Per Card To Print With The Evolis Primacy Printer*
  • Easiest Printer To Load, Print, and Maintain In The Industry
  • Blazing Fast Print Speed, 17 Seconds Per Card For Full Color – 4.23 For Black
  • Plug And Play Upgrades, Upgrade As Your Encoding Needs Expand
  • Print From Any Computer On Your Network (Free Network Card)
  • Lowest Jam Rate In The Industry (1% Jam Rate)
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Size Matters! Extremely Small Footprint Means More Room On Your Desk!
  • Best Warranty On The Market**
*Based On A Full Color One Sided Card **3 Year Full Parts And Service Warranty

I’ve Heard Card Printers Can Often Be Troublesome To Use…

A great downfall of the current card printers on the market are indeed troublesome to use. Whether you are personalizing cards, or switching a ribbon the new Evolis Primacy card printer has been completely redesigned to offer the easiest , most customer friendly card printing experience on the market!
  • Evolis Premium Suite Software Included ($80 Value)
  • Patented Clamshell Design For Easy Ribbon Swapping
  • Print From Any Program
  • Truly A Plug and Play Solution
  • Full Phone Support Included
  • Fully Compatible With Windows, Mac, And Linux

Will It Work With My Computer?

Yes, whether you are running a Mac, Windows, or even Linux our new Primacy Printer has been outfitted with drivers for your system.
  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Linux

What About Supplies? Isn’t It Expensive To Print My Own Cards?

Primacy Card Printer Supplies Historically companies have made the bulk of their profits from the sale of consumables for plastic card printers… In fact, using our competitions printers you are going to be paying $1 + per card for full color printing! This is another area where the Primacy shines, you can print a full color card for $.35 plastic card included!!! If you only need one color, a monochrome ribbon allows you to print a card for an unheard of $.12 including the blank card.
  • An Amazing $0.65 Cheaper Per Card Than Our Competition
  • Personalize Cards For An Unheard Of $.02 Per Card

View Our Selection of Premium, OEM Primacy Card Printer Supplies

How Do Most People Use Their Primacy Card Printer?

Customers typically use our Primacy plastic card printer for one of two uses. Either printing whole card designs, and personalizing preprinted cards. As a card printing company, Plasticprinters.com can offer you both the Primacy printer and preprinted cards that you can personalize as you need, for only $.02 / card!
  • Print Photo Quality Full Coverage Cards
  • Personalize Preprinted Cards
  • ID And Security Badges
  • Print Membership Cards On Demand
All Plastic Cards Proudly Printed In The USA To order contact sales@plasticprinters.com or call 1-800-808-7472 Options for Payment with Plasticprinters.com

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